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Land of Abundance, Capital of Leisure
green water with green wood, Hot and Spicy Food
Zhang zhung and Bod in Tibetan Buddhism,a lively and beautiful place.
a part of long line system,Practice without companion of five subjects is unworthy being done so hard.

Chengdu is a city that you just don't want to leave.

There's a four-star foreign-related business hotel that has been operating successfully for more than 20 years. She is Chengdu Himalayas Hotel company.Himalaya is a sacred mountain, a sacred mountain of snow. which is carrying forward the Wuming culture of ancient Xiangxiong and modern culture’s artistic atmosphere of beautiful Sichuan. She is a return to nature and a taste of life in its original form is what the Himalayan people are always looking for.

The hotel is located at No.8, North Section of Erhuan Road, Jinniu District, Chengdu.To the east of Chengdu Jinsha Ruins, to the west of Southwest Jiaotong University, and to the north of Broad and Narrow Alley, adjacent to Chengdu's One World Gourmet Street.The hotel is conveniently located near the elevated express bus and subway.About 28 minutes by car from Chengdu Shuangliu Airport, 10 minutes by car from Chengdu North Railway Station and 25 minutes by car from Chengdu East Railway Station (directly accessible by Metro Line 2).The hotel is strategically located in Chengdu, which is the only way to go to Dujiangyan, Qingcheng Mountain, Jiuzhai Huanglong and other tourist attractions.The surrounding environment of the hotel is comfortable, but also gathered a number of business offices, large shopping supermarkets, leisure, tourism, food and beverage snacks。

The hotel has 188 rooms and suites of various types, including business floors, non-smoking floors, characteristic Tibetan rooms floors, ladies floors, and the overall decoration is environmental protection, luxury, exquisite, elegant, highlighting the integration of Tibetan culture and ancient Shu modern culture of art elements.Focusing on safety, health, comfort, decency, leisure and personalized needs, we have deliberately launched the service concept of "Four Vanities" as the core, so that the concept feeling at home can be practically implemented.

The hotel is also equipped with conference hall, business center, ticketing tourism, boutique shopping mall, Chinese restaurant, Western restaurant, tea house, business office, parking lot, micro fire station, etc. It is the most ideal place of choice for holding large meetings, business trips, tourism, business negotiations and business travel activities.

"Himalayan" is the exclusive trademark of the hotel, which means grandeur, sanctity, and elevation.

The purpose of our constant service is welcoming guests from all directions with smiles and the whole world joins in the jubilation.

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